Hiring A-Players – 5 Tips That Help Companies Hire Producers

by | May 31, 2018 | Sales Blog | 0 comments

I’m often asked how to hire A-player performers.

It’s a given… with every client we begin coaching, they have at least one or more people who they wish were performing better. I see it all the time in coaching… the right A-player talent absolutely super-charges results. Here’s how to find them.

This is #1: Recruiting is a process, not an event.

Smart companies are always looking to add high performers to the team who can contribute. The truth is, A-players typically aren’t looking for a job. They have one, and have other people ready to hire them. But they are open to opportunities and challenges that they see worth being a part of. So, you need to find and entice them over time.

Begin by profiling the job.

To hire effectively, you have to know what THIS job requires to excel so you know who you need to hire. Otherwise it’s like searching in the dark. You’d be surprised how often this is not done well or even at all. Increase focus on important traits in five areas: Attitude, Skills, Activities, Day-in-the-Life (Is it a cubicle, computer and calls, or planes, trains and automobiles all day?) and Results. How are these measured and have a clear expectation with candidate.

Recruit through networks.

This is the simplest, most powerful idea to find A-players. Yet few people do this well with the consistent focus needed. Leverage your many networks: Peers, professional, personal, employees, customers, vendors, Board Members. Your networks will surprise you. If you equip them with exactly who you are looking for, they can help you!

What can they DO?

Audition or at least role play. When possible, give your candidate a small project to complete to show what they can do. Pay them for it if needed. But let them demonstrate to you how they problem-solve. Or at least, ask your candidate what they would do in a role play scenario. Make it fair to them, but real-world.

Get personal.

Have real, authentic conversations with them – not just a typical interview. Who are they? What are they passionate about? What matters in their life? What sacrifices have they made to succeed before? What are some mistakes and how did they learn from it?