Mindset & Grit: Keys to Goal Achievement

by | Apr 20, 2017 | Sales Blog | 0 comments

As we start Q2 of the year, let’s look at mindset.

How does yours stack up to affect your earning power?
From Chapter 1 in our best-selling book (co-authored by Dan Larson and Jack Daly), The Sales Playbook for Hyper Sales Growth, some keys on mindset, drive and keys to achieving goals:

  1. “A” Players = Achievers. They get it done. They nearly always find a way to achieve their goal. They respond to a challenge and make things happen. They somehow find a way to win. They do what it takes. And they often make it look easy.
  2. “B” Players = Be Better. They’re not yet “A” players, but they seriously want to become one. They’re always learning, taking action, and striving to be better. A mindset of always “improving.”Recognize the huge difference in mindset, motivation, drive, willingness, grit, and determination between the top “A / B” players and the bottom “C / D” players.
  3. “C” Players = Content. Complacent. Satisfied. Most “C” players really don’t want to be an “A” player. Sure, they’d like to make more money. But they aren’t willing to work hard enough or smart enough to make more. Just not motivated enough.
  4. D” Players = Don’t Move Much. Don’t sell much. “Dogs on the porch.” They’ll stay there as long as they’re allowed to hang out and keep getting fed. Often keep their head low so they don’t get noticed. Commonly really “nice, pleasant people.” To grow, you need to deal with the underperformers. Help them move on to another opportunity.

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