Expertise to solve complex sales channel problems. Install a proven plan to multiply productivity and results

Revenue grew 108% reorganized, refocused the sales & marketing organization.
We helped this yacht crane manufacturer learn how to utilize their unique strengths, compete at a higher level, and grow revenue and multiply market share.
Here’s what we did.

The 7-year old yacht crane manufacturer was struggling to generate leads to win enough business. Their product lines were better than the competition. But they weren’t taken seriously by the shipyards that buy the majority of cranes due to well-established relationships and “set” buying habits.


  • How to clearly differentiate, demonstrate value, build trust, and create urgency with high value target buyers
  • Massive increase in leads and sales results
  • Stronger sales leadership developed
  • Clearer, more effective, more efficient sales process (streamlined by over 40%)
  • Developed 4 segmented sales channels – able to sell the same 38 product models to all 4 channels
  • Increased close rate from 20% to 82% in first 30 days
    • The higher closing rate continued at a 3x to 4x for 2 years
  • They got paid at +400% increase for doing the same amount of work
  • Tripled AUM (Assets Under Management) over 2 years during very challenging investor markets
  • Sales and profits multiplied
  • Freed up time of leaders to focus on key accounts and improving other systems in their company
  • Doubled sales growth each year for 3 years
  • • Developed a unique competitive advantage sales message that increased brand preference

  • Website leads multiplied to millions of dollars in new sales and a continuing multi-million-dollar pipeline of new leads
  • Hired two top-producing sellers
  • Sales process streamlined by over 40% to be more focused, effective and efficient
  • Greatly increased market share and key OEM contracts
  • Expanded new markets in Europe, Middle East and Asia
  • Tripled the size of their factory to keep up with sales demand
  • Company transitioned from a small player in the industry to a leading competitor
  • Built their brand into an industry-leader by differentiating. Created strong brand preference
  • Market share grew rapidly while competitors shrunk. Eliminated two competitors in North America
  • They put one direct competitor out of business. A second competitor stopped making cranes. And their largest US competitor (a 50-year old company) was greatly weakened and nearly folded due to lost sales
  • Company was purchased by a large marine industry conglomerate due to its powerful brand position, value and preference in the marketplace

You showed us a whole new way to compete in the marketplace. But it started with us finally getting clear on understanding exactly what makes us valuable to buyers. You helped us innovate so much where we needed it. My first wakeup call was on day one. You asked about the hot pursuit of our Top 10 targets list. We didn’t have one. I realized we had so much to learn. I’m truly grateful.

Manufacturer CEO

Strategy to innovate, then leverage competitive advantages. A proven plan to multiply effectiveness. Drive new revenue and grow results.

Revenue grew 122% after a major Sales Organization turnaround

A private holding company acquired a nationwide but locally-focused media company as a turnaround opportunity. The sales team lacked results, confidence, and strong leadership, culture was negative, and the company was losing nearly $200,000 per month. A major turnaround was required, indeed.
Enter Leverage Sales Consulting…

The company thought they were in the advertising business. We helped identify their real core businesses: sales. And we explained the urgent need for them to build highly effective salespeople. We built a custom turnaround plan with major changes in the first 4 months:

  • Address and fix culture problems
  • Create a simple and clear selling model with existing leadership
  • Build, test, and refine a new sales process with related selling tools
  • Increased revenue by 122% in 2 years
  • Doubled topline revenue in 12 months
  • Eliminated $200,000 per month loss within 4 months
  • Replaced weak, nonproductive, overpaid leadership with new leaders
  • Added productive sales management tools and leader development plans
  • Re-engineered the sales process, training program, and sales support to generate results quickly
  • Freed up CEO time to focus on growing holding company portfolio from 7 companies to over 120

You taught us how to replicate sales results by building a system that focuses on getting the right people, processes, and practices in place.It has given us an enormous know-how to grow and scale our success.

Company CEO

This client witnessed the multiplying power of implementing proven sales systems and processes combined with effective sales leadership.

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